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Hello, I’m Marlo! The founder and Creative Director of M81.


After graduating from college I began my career working for a number of Toronto studios and eventually branching out to run my own branding and corporate design studio. Because of this unique combination I’ve worked with high profile clients, on big teams, tackling large scale projects. As well as with much smaller, individual business owners and entrepreneurs, as a solo designer, on more intimate deliverables… and everything in-between. I’ve also been fortunate to share my passion for design with the next generation through my years of teaching in the Continuing Education program at George Brown College.

My true passion lies in working with clients big & small to develop their brand positioning from the ground up. Rolling-up my sleeves to really help my clients understand who they are, what makes them tick and who their tribe of followers are. By establishing this early in my process, I am better equipped to develop the right look and feel of a Brand System for the appropriate audience.

What is a Brand System? A collection of elements which work together to create unified, consistent and flexible brand assets that communicate the brand value to the target audience effectively. This includes things like a wordmark/logo and/or a series of alternate marks, messaging, typography, colour palette, icons, social media assets, website design, marketing collateral and much more.

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About M81

M81 works using a holistic design process that is both analytical and intuitive, always starting with extensive research and relationship building. We understand in order for any design to be successful, we must ALWAYS put the audience first. 

We are passionate about design, HUGE typography nerds and get geeky about creating something out of nothing to make the average exceptional. Experienced in brand positioning, brand strategy, brand identity systems, editorial & corporate design, web, print, motion graphics and illustrations & infographics. 




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Marlo Biasutti / Founder & Creative Director
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